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Welcome to Jervois Mining


Jervois Mining has been listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) under the ticket JRV.ASX, for over 50 years, and in 2017 underwent a comprehensive Board and management transformation. Under new leadership it has been refocused into an investment vehicle focused upon the upcoming transformation of the global economy and transportation industries in particular toward electrification. Its core current project in this regard is the 100% owned nickel-cobalt laterite deposit, Nico Young, located in New South Wales, Australia. Cobalt and nickel form critical components of the cathodes in lithium ion batteries, and demand in this area is increasing extremely rapidly with the roll out of HEV and EV’s.

Jervois is confident that a viable pathway to market for Nico Young can be found, to take advantage of the forecast structural challenges with reliable, high quality cobalt and nickel supply for the rapidly growing lithium ion battery industry.

A new business plan has been implemented to focus upon bringing resource deposits through the development curve into production. New management has the capability and track record to successfully execute this strategy, with extensive experience across study phases, into construction, commissioning, ramp up and operations. We recognise the inherently high risks of grass roots exploration and believe our shareholders are best served by focusing on sites in operation, or projects that can advanced into production within a reasonable timeframe.

We believe that Jervois and its shareholders are best served by management identifying mining investment opportunities where the high risk of exploration has been removed and only development risk remains. This reconciles with the current skill set within the organisation following recent Board appointments.

Management is consequently reviewing an extensive portfolio of what are now non core assets with a view to ultimate monetisation. This includes shareholdings in other ASX listed mining companies, and a portfolio of royalty interests that the company has accumulated over its long history.


Jervois owns 100 percent of two major nickel / cobalt / scandium / deposits in New South Wales, Australia.